Tuesday, November 25, 2008

the last roses

While Mackenzie and I went to get a haircut, Sean & Bah played soccer in the yard. (Danielle and friend were at the theater seeing, Twilight!)
When we got home, there was a surprise in the kitchen...actually 2 surprises.

Bryce had picked the last of the roses from our courtyard & had arranged them in an old stoneware creamer.
Another small bouquet in an old milk bottle.
What a lovely surprise this late in the year from my 2 most favorite guys!


Danielle said...

Awww....I didn't know they did that. Why wasn't the second one for me??? You get both??? LOL...Just Kidding!!! You should check out the cool Twilight night Heather (from my blog list) and her friends had. Now, that was something. The girls in Utah always do it better

Tanya said...

Oh, how sweet!

Come on over to my blog....you're a WINNER!