Sunday, October 18, 2009

and in this corner... primitive French shutters

We are trying really hard to make our Tuesday 10/20 deadline! We signed up for the procrastinators party at The Inspired Room. We agreed to complete a project we had been procrastinating. We have a ho-hum corner with a buffet we just knew we could make into something special. So, we have been busy.
Now to anchor our newly updated corner, we are starting with a pair of French shutters that the Hubs bought for my birthday last year. We found them at our favorite architectural salvage place, Ohmega Salvage, in Berkeley, Ca. I spied them in one of their
outdoor storage containers & rushed to find Hubs. We both love primitives, so we agreed, they. were. fabulous. They were more money than we normally pay for salvaged items, but felt better when they said that they were 100+ years old and really did come from France.
They will be the anchor to a fun new corner in our great room.

Please come back for a visit!
We will
be posting the whole make-over on Tuesday!


Teresa said...

How fun you have a blog! Happy Day-
I will be putting you on my blog roll.

Funky Junk Interiors said...

100 years old?!? These are fabulous! Love the colour too! Man did you do well here!!


Anonymous said...

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